Sandblasting and Painting Services

Service offered:

  • Pipeline maintenance - Sandblasting and Painting of pipelines and pipeline equipment.

  • Commercial Painting Services to industrial and commercial sites.

  • Sandblasting – Smoothing and shaping a hard surface using specialist tools.

  • Soda Blasting – Non-abrasive method of blasting for delicate or sensitive surfaces.

  • Hydro Blasting – High Pressure water removes paint, chemicals, or buildup without damage.

  • Paint Stripping – Removing old paint from building, steel, timber and floors.

  • Spray Painting – Painting using a spray gun.

  • Pressure Cleaning – Pressure cleaning, machinery cleaning, polishing and soft washing.

  • Protective Coating – Protecting a surface using protective coating.

  • Graffiti removal

  • Concrete stain removal and seal

  • No job is too small or too large

Sandblasting Media Used

Hydro Blasting
Hydro-blasting uses a highly pressured stream of water is used to remove old paint, chemicals, or buildup without damaging the original surface. This method is ideal for cleaning internal and external surfaces because the operator is generally able to send the stream of water in places that previously were deemed unreachable. A major benefit of hydro-blasting is the ability to recapture and reuse the water, thus eliminating waste and the impact on the environment.

Field Sandblasting and Painting:

  • Pipeline Maintenance

  • Graffiti Removal

  • Concrete Stain Removal

  • Large Machinery and Equipment

Types of paint spraying equipment

  • Air pressure

  • Airless

  • Electric charged

Use of primers and paints:

  • Primers are used to prepare the surface for painting while reducing the number of layers of paint necessary to completely cover the surface.  It also helps the paint make a thorough bond with the surface being painted.

  • Electrostatic painting has many advantages over other types of paint spray applications. For instance, over spray is kept to a minimum and the electrostatic force pulls paint around corners and edges ensuring a smooth, automotive quality finish. In fact, in a controlled environment, transfer efficiency between gun and object is nearly 100%!

  • Spray painting works by either combining the paint with air, or convert the paint to tiny droplets and accelerate these out a nozzle.

  • We work with you to select the best methods and materials for your project.

Shop Sandblasting and Painting:

  • Trailers

  • Machinery

  • Hydroblasting via our steam optional pressure washer

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Our Record

  • No injuries,

  • We do daily “tailgate” trainings,

  • We are operator certified for covered tasks.

  • All employees have been DOT drug tested with 25 coverage randomly,

Lone Star Sandblasting and Painting offers field sandblasting and painting services in North Texas or sandblasting and painting in our shop in Ft. Worth, TX.  No job is too small or too large. 



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